Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Santa is on vacation for another year. We're back to the Laughing man.

yuck! this is not natural. Blue sky, sun shining. no snow. and no reindeer tracks! This is an outrage. I guess I should write my congressman??
So I did nothing Saturday except throw away one hundred million old bills and letters. Wow, they do pile up quick, don't they. Now today I have other business to get to, like renew my other club stuff.
I wrote a nice letter to Barton, a MARA ex-president and told him how we missed seeing him and his girlfriend Erin at the funeral. I also enclosed a memorial card. I think he'd like that.
So today is just kind of do odds and ends. ( remember that number, one hundred million- ) So off I go.
I'm off

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