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"Kiba Plushie!" thing went right today.

Gosh, Kids, do you know whats loads of fun??
Thats right! Re-installing "Everything" on your compute. Yeah.....

It is still sluggist, but...I think I can live with this.
1. backed up just important stuff, that took 4 CDs.
2. I un-Fdisked the drive.
3. then I Fdisked the drive.
4. Formating
5. then re-installing just the programs. That took about 5 hours,.
6. now the data.
A. Music will take about 3 1/2 hours
B. Data about 3 hours
C. Photos oh boy.....about the rest of the
week. There awfully slow.

So, I took a break from all this non-sense, and looked over the " Wolfs Rain" Limited edition box I got. KIBA's inside, just waiting to sit along side Godzilla, the Gateway cow and a funny looking bunny, that I found laying on the driveway at a garage sale. No way to treat a bunny!!!
Now I'm going to get a cup a coffee.
Oh, SBCYAHOO's New User and password server is down. They say try back again on Tuesday!!!!!

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