Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Santa is still here. He loves to ride around in his sleigh.

Well, here we are. the last, absoluty last, weekend in 2018. "THANK GOODNESS!".  I don't think i could take much more.  Way too many funerals. Too many.
To celebrate old father time leaving the room, I boough a bag of no-nonsense potato chips. I made sure they're loaded with sugar, salt, and all those other nasty chemical that help maintian and increase weight. YAY ME. I'm seeing 2018 go out with a hic cup???
I finally got my late Chrsitmas gift: a 2.1 gig update from bethesda game studios for SKYRIM. YAY. About time. it is different. I'll see. FF XIV just came out with a updated version too.  Games all over the place.
209 and dropping.   This losing weight thing has gotten to be habit forming. But i feel much better and it has made a difference in my arthritis. YAY.
ok, back to banner creating.
I'm off

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