Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

YAY. It's TGIF and the shortest day of the year.

But no snow. just a lonely patch here and there. Maybe we should go out and spread it around?   Had interesting Thursday. Went grocery shopping at Meijers and what a crowd. My goodness! I don't think i've ever since so many people shopping, and they were getting groceries and stuff.. Afterwards, my pal bough me lunch at Freddies Burgers.  Wow, i haven't had a steak burger in a long long time. This was great! Got home and we planed how many UPS trucks would it take to deliver all the gifts he, i mean Santa, would bring to my house. Just kidding. I made out my Christmas cards and had to stop: i ran out of cards!. That hasn't happened before.  I plan on walking up to the avenue and stick them all in the mail box. I don't want to over load the mailman. this is his hardest season.
ok, I'm off

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