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Gee, first we get our first snow storm of the season, now its all going to melt away with 3 days of 40 degree days. Yuck.  I want my winter in this season, not in June.
Well, surprize surprize. Somebody has a lot of money to burn, or so it seems. They're re-booting "Hellboy"!  Without Ron Pearman in the lead. Are you kidding me?  I guess they must really be at a lost for creative writters in Hollywood.   "Looking to change jobs?"  Hint hint.
So today is 6 month Dr. check up day. Of course, it would be 27 degrees outside for most of this day. That means i'll have to wear my snow boots. Yuck.
Well, time to go wheel in the carts.
Be carefull out there.
P.S., I'm going to give Final Fantasy XIV a shot.
I'm off