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"Summer? 62 degrees!!!"

Well, it felt more like the middle of November with a harsh cold wind blowing in from the north. I expected to see a cold rain start to fall any minute. It didn't. I guess we're supposed to get up to around ninety or so. Yeah... almost in time for the leaves to change???? Whats wrong with this weather?
But amid all this nonsense, GREAT NEWS!
TOHO has just released "GODZILLA", the original version, not with Raymond Burr in it!! I believe its being distributed by Rialto films. Just think, 20 more minutes of the real Godzilla.... But,by me, its only playing in Detroit MI. oh well. I can wait. This is going to be good!!
Now, if they'd only re-releast the 2nd Godzilla, a.k.a. "Godzilla raids again" and then, Honda's The Mysterians.
Oh, what a wonderful Christmas present that would be!!!

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