Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yay. it's TGIF ( also know as the last day of work this week)

It is snowing. and cold. Man, it's cold. I walked up to the avenue and got a hair cut, and was shocked to see the hair she was cutting was almost white! Could it be? I"m getting to become a "Wizdomner?". or, something like that. I was surrounded by 4 female barbers ( this was at Judes barber shop-no surprize there) and one was drinking a steaming hot mug of hot chocolate.....she wouldn't share!!!   I tell you, the respect of young folks now days! but, she did i nice job and i braved the COLD and walked up to Kingmas to get Hudsonville eggs. It's been a while since i bough their eggs, but if i remember rightly, they're pretty darn good. I had two this morning, they are good.
Also had another shock: the drug I've been taking for the last 20 years has been recalled: and nobody was told! I called 2 pharmacies, my Dr and finally, after finding nothing out, i called the pharmacy company. They said they've recalled the drug and have no idea if and when it will be back in production!  I checked their web site, no drug. Then i went over to FDA: nothing was listed!  Wow, now that is scary. They're supposed to know these things and pass them on to the Dr.s.
Enjoy your cold weekend. stay inside.
I'm off

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