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"Did you vote yet?"  What are you waiting for. Get up and get going. Thats how change happens.
Me,?  Yup. and today is lets not watch any TV till about mid-night.  I had a terrific Monday. I had my morning visitor and we had pizza and brownies. Then I got a call from my pal Jimmy, who let me know that another pal of mine had a stroke. But he's doing better. and may be home within weeks.  I also wrote an older friend of mine and he moved and is having problems with chronic pancreatitis, the golden years sure are full of surprizes. also, your pal list shrinks faster than we want it too.
guess its time to get out more and make Acquaintances.  New friends might just be what the Dr. ordered.
Ok, time to greet the rain, i mean day.
I'm off