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Today is soggy Sunday. And cold. But, we did go off Daylight saving time. YAY US. The cat and i slept in till 10AM. WOW. Now thats more like it. This means we start the holiday seasons: Bird day, followed by MY BIRTHDAY,and of course, Chirstmas. I intentionally left out shoveling snow and sprinkling de-icer on the everything, because nobody wants to talk about that part of winter. I also am not planing on watching any news programs till Wednesday. Way too many ads and political non-sense.
 Today is the day i finish collecting the gems and get all 24 of them!  This is for Skyrim. Oh, i also just saw that Elderscrolls 7 maybe out in 5 to 7 years. it's called "Red Somehing or the other". I didn't catch the name, i was too excited to hear about the next issue of elderscrolls.
ok, time to cuddle the cat.
i'm off