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"Well, Doggie sitting......again....YET!"

This time,its a Rottweiler ( my spelling sucks!). Her name is Gerdy and she is a sweety. 10 years old and she came to stay till Monday. Mom and Dad wanted some quality time alone, with only 6 of their adult children with them??? Well, we all know what they're not going to be doing this weekend, right? They are on an island just off of Mackinaw bridge. Some will be sleeping in a tent while the rest will be crowding into a small trailer..So we got the dog till Monday. yeahs. Of course I let her sleep on my bed cause I have air conditioning in my room and she apparently doesn't know what AC is, except it makes her tired and relaxed all over.
Cool Pooch.
Back later, just before I start to replace my hard drive.

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