Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Up and adam! Rise and Shine.

This is some of the ways i greeted Tuesday morning: I slept in. YAY ME. The cat snoozed too. Great way to greet the day. Got up, made breakfast and then cleaned the cat litter box, started the laundry and now, if I'm not  too tired out , clean the kitchen sink.  I found out that the sink is made out of iron!  Surprize, surprize. Now i know what it takes so long to clean it.
To start off this day, last night i started watching "Hobbit". I say started, due to the fact there appears to be 9 dvds in the box! Say, can't Peter Jackson make a movie less thatn 9 hours long?
But, it caught my attention, and i had to pause it before the rooster woke up.
So now, morning coffee and cuddle the kitty kat.
Life is good....when your awake, that is.
I'm off

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