Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

a cold, almost snowy, Sunday.

A very good day to spend inside and read the comics. and put your legs up and relax. Tomorrow you'll have to brave the COLD and possible S.N.O.W. YAY us.  We've earned this. its all ours.
There, now that i got that off my chest. It way too early to be this cold. we had blue sky yesterday morning, followed by thunder, dark clouds that blocked out everything, and then, rain mixed with snow and falling temperatures.
But today, is comic Sunday. the day i reserve for watching and reading comics.  I'll soon put this blog down and watch Regal Academy. Or, Wallykazam or maybe even Peter Rabbit, the tv series. is good.
So today i have a mixed bag of little stuff to do. and i'll pick up on that stuff shortly. YAY me.
I'm almost a legend in my own mind. Almost.
so, enjoy, stay warm.
I'm off

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