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"The Chocolate Labrador is gone home.......driven in a Land Rover!!!!"

Blasted mutt gets to ride in better vehicles than I do!! But I miss him. I guess it's almost time to take in another Samoyed. I had another wonderful day
with certain of my wonder friends. I am seriously thinking I am contributing to the way they are treating me......?? scratches head in bewhilderment..
Naw.. everybody has choices to make in life. Everybody, whether they want to or not, are held responsible for their actions. How anybody can stand in front of 20 of their friends and lay the blame to a problem on an innocence party is beyond me!! The idiot who is causing the problem gets away scott free. ( this does sound like our government, right??? Remember, a camel is a horse designed by committee!)
Oh well.. Tomorrow my replacement Hard Drive should arrive. Gads....120 gigs of photos and data!! But hey, I can't really store them off-line, I use them too often.
( I didn't back up my music..thats 24 cd's!)

I guess I'll just wait and hope for the best.

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