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This is a lousy way to start a new month. instead of hearing the AC kick in, I hear the furnace kick on!  and the cat wants to craw ontop on my chest. the nerve!  A soggy, cold Sunday. just the day to stay inside and read the Sunday paper and decide if i want to renew the GR Press or not. The paper is getting smaller, and the ad's are getting larger?
So today is remove the AC and wash or try to wash the cats snot off the bedroom window. There's no other way to say it. He thinks he can breath through the glass. He cant, but he never learns.
But a good day to watch WallyKazam, Norvill, BobGobblin, if they were still on, that is. Nick decided to put them on at 7AM!   Peter Rabbit, the tv series, is on at 2:30AM. who does their programming?
oh well. Skyrim is good too.
I'm off