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it's happy Thursday, the day after HUMP day.

TOday is the day i decide how to move the Ham of the year to a new site. It hasn't been on a web site for the last 5 or 6 years, so its about time.
Today is also the day scooter the cat wants to lay on top of me, when we go to sleep. But i'm a tad too bent for that to happen. We'll try tonight.
Today is also a busy day: should i renew my ARRL membership?  Should i renew my S.V.P. membership? one will cost more than $200.00 per year and the other $45 or so. Sure a big difference from $14 per year.
Should i or should i not go grocery shopping?  Questions. Life is full of them, its only the answers that seem to take forever to developt.
Ok, time to pet the cat.
I'm off

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