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"Of Chocolate Labradors, Hard Drives and making back ups...."

Life is just full of little surprises.. It only took 41 CD's to make a total backup. Yeahs.... Western digital folks have already shipped my replacement hard drive. What service! I used to have to wait at least 45 minutes on the phone just to talk with a support person just to start this process. On the internet, went through this whole process within 12 minutes! "Time marches on..."
Yesterday, my bro called me from work to ask if we could take care of his customers Chocolate Lab, called Bogie. We've had him before, and he minded really good. So what the heck.. Ever notice how easy it is to bring into ones life things which we have no idea how it is going to turn out.
This time, Bogie is a happy addition. Not like that stupid cat which doens't know any better than to bite and scratch the hand which feeds him. I still have the marks from his Monday nights attack. Bogie is 10 years old and is really friendly. I like dogs...Maybe now is the time.......
( slaps face hard with reality...not yet!)
So, this weekend I once again try to design a graphic design for the club/society I have created. and maybe try to update the doggies site.

I still have a very difficult time going over to that site. All my guys and gals are gone..

The trees are blocking the satellite signal from direcTV. So....Now I need to come up with something or somehow to mount the dish to the tower. I love my DirecTV. Why? I just called comcast, and they're about $14.00 more per month for less service!!
Ok, now to watch bogie and check my back up.

have great weekend.

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