Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, it certainly feels like fall.

Wow, from 72 for a low at night, to 46!  Now thats a swing that makes a difference!  Are we really through with 90 plus degree days for 2018?  Nobody knows for sure. Yet.
So to celebrate the great weekend, so far, I listened to music on my portable cd player. I got that as a gift for saving coke cola numbers. About 16 years ago. and it still works. "cant get no satisfaction", "poorside of town", "Don't (you) forget about me", stairway to heaven. But i didn't put any Moody Blues on this CD. What, am i an idito?  It was a great way to spend a Saturday night. well, part of Saturday night. I finally  got my ps-4 to load everything. YAY.  i watched 5 add-ons download. took 45 minutes. BIG Download!
So now, enjoy the quiet, cool Sunday.
I"m off

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