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"My furnace kicked on this afternoon......"

You know, I was thinking, with the extra money I'll have left over from NOT paying the gas bill, I could get some anime I've wanted, or other things to. But at 3:10PM this afternoon, I heard the dreaded, "Click, blooms", the blasted furnace turned on. The temp dropped below 60 something. and it is still dropping. How about 49 for a low either tonight or tomorrow night? And its not going to change too much over the next 14 days. Good for the mosquito population, bad for doing just about everything else I wanted to do. So, feeling the need to appear cheery to everybody who might wander in, I got the plunger and unclogged the bathroom sink. Only about 1,000,000 tons of hair!!! I then called the trash dude and got a deal on a roll off bin: 225 for 14 days and its 20 feet long. I forget the actual load, but its more than enough.
I also watched, for the 4th time, the first 4 episodes of "Haibane-Renmei". Wow, this is one great new series. Like I said, this is the 4th time within the last week I've watched it. I can't wait till I get the last 3 volumes.
Right now, with rain falling down, I thought I would watch either "Silent Mobius" or " Dirty Pair Flash". Dirty Pair I've seen once and its a real hoot. Silent Mobius is new to me, with the exception of seeing what TechTV put on.
Tomorrow night, I go for broke, "Fruits Basket". Boy, this better be good after all the high reviews LJ folks gave it.
So now, as I type this, I've heard what I expect is my hard drive, humming really loud. Not continuous, but just once. I thinks its time to start backing up stuff. Lets see.....was that 30 or 25 CDs I'll need?

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