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Wow, three nights of thunderstorms! and 80 plus. YUCK.

So wellcome to "HAPPY HUMP DAY".  ( a.k.a. as Wednesday) I may go out to dinner with two of my friends tonight. Maybe. It depends on the weather and how much sleet and freezing rain we get tonight. ?????
I'm getting ready for the weather forecast in 50 days or so.
The power only blinked once last night, but oh, the wind. Wow. the rain of coming down Horizontally. Thats something to see.
I had to clean and aline the printers print heads. again. But if thats the  only complaned i have with it, its a good machine.
so its roll out the cart day. and now it looks like it going to rain. oh boy.four days?
I'm off

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