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Wow, now that was one heck of a storm!

I didn't think we were supposed to have any rain last night. I was sure we weren't supposed to have severe thunderstorms, lightening, thunder ( it scared the cat) and rain for over 4 hours. But we did. And the humidity didn't go away. till tomorrow or so. So the last full week of August goes out with a LOUD Bang and oodles of rain. I do wish the Meteorologists would start acting like the true scientists they are, and attemp to account for the strange weather we've been expereincing over the last 3 years or so. Politics be darned! We would like to know why all your forecasting programs seem to be amiss. or so it seems.
But this is Blue Monday, and yes, that does mean laundry day. YAY me.
and think of articles for the next newsletter.
So it will be busy, but interesting.
I'm off