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Yes sir, its finally here. Maybe, the last super duper hot weekend of 2018.. Maybe... the way the weather has been generating, anythings possible. Snow in August?  But i don't care. Its the WEEKEND and that means, Friday night dating ( pretend i'm 20 years old again), bar hoping, getting broke and wishing Monday was here. Ah, being ( or pretending ) your young again.   Naw. I like where i'm at. 68 is  a good age to be at, or as Edmund would say, so is 99!  He'll turn 100 in February. Wow, the history that guy has seen. and lived.
I'm a younster compaired to his life experience.  But its all my life. and it has been great.
Having dogs and cats around has really helped a  lot too.
So here we are, Friday before the BIG WEEK END. Enjoy, but be safe.
I'm off