Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

YAY. It's TGIF and that means the last super duper hot weekend of 2018.

Yes sir, its finally here. Maybe, the last super duper hot weekend of 2018.. Maybe... the way the weather has been generating, anythings possible. Snow in August?  But i don't care. Its the WEEKEND and that means, Friday night dating ( pretend i'm 20 years old again), bar hoping, getting broke and wishing Monday was here. Ah, being ( or pretending ) your young again.   Naw. I like where i'm at. 68 is  a good age to be at, or as Edmund would say, so is 99!  He'll turn 100 in February. Wow, the history that guy has seen. and lived.
I'm a younster compaired to his life experience.  But its all my life. and it has been great.
Having dogs and cats around has really helped a  lot too.
So here we are, Friday before the BIG WEEK END. Enjoy, but be safe.
I'm off

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