Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

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an uneventful Fathers Day..

I thought I would have received at least one phone call today, but nothing. na da! Instead, I had company from around 5PM till 11:54PM. yippee....... Not all at once, but one right after another. Sort of felt like a tag team????
Tomorrow, I get to call and see about having a trash bin placed in our drive way. talk about junk! I've got books from the 2nd grade in the basement, plus just plain junk. Gads, I hate doing this, but it all must go.
Watched a few episodes of "Wolfs Rain". Yummy. I really like that. I think it may be better than "Cowboy Bebop". We'll see.. Fruits Basket should be delivered tomorrow. hmmmmm. could be interesting. Back to creating a logo.

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