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" I got a lot accomplished!"

Good boy! I only slept in till about 11AM and then fell out of bed. Yeahs. It is summer, remember. I mowed my next door neighbors lawn, the one that just passed away. front and back. ouch! Then I swept her gutter, sidewalk and steps. Now she's passed on. Why am I doing this??? cause right now, I really need to. I finally got the guts and am now having my roof re-shingled. double ouch!!
"Do you have any idea of how many toys or/and anime's I could buy for that much money?"
But, it needs to be done.

Wow, my friend who owns a camera store in the city called me up to ask a question about computers. There goes my head!!
I knew there was a good reason to buy and put ones own computer together, besides trying to imitate Lain, that is. I think I helped him out, but won't know cause most folks don't follow up with providing feedback on how you've helped them, or not.

But it was a nice sunny day and the squirrels were out as well as the lawnmowers.
Now back to games.

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