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a nice quiet Saturday, and the cat let me sleep in.

So, what a nice way to spend the last weekend in July. High in the 70's, no rain to speak of and a nice cool breeze. ah....This is a good way to greet the autume. Yes, fall is fast approaching!  within 4 weeks, school will start again.  no more 90's. YAY!
Sad news, my sony ps-4 did kind of die. well, at lease the blue ray drive, and thats the heart of the system, so to speak. So off it goes. and sometime this year, or next, i'll get a brand kind of new, Refurbished unit.
Now, on to this weeks journey. Board meeting Wednesday, general meeting Friday and then write up both meeting after they happen.
and surprize, i found my research assistent survey i had a hand in processing. This was went we didn't have personal computers. we used punch cards.  It was a learning experience, to be sure.
ok, time to relax on this beutiful day.
I'm off

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