Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Well, here we go again. another hot, humid week, ending in temps in the 90's.

But this is summer. So we should expect hot spells. Just not every week. This is getting tiresome after a month. I know we had a cold, snowy winter, but come on now. This isn't the answer. I want, quiet, cool, a nice 70's with a lite breeze. ah......  Not feeling like a turkey basking at 375 for 3 hours!
so today is finishing the branch clean up in the backyard. receive my memory sticks and plan on how to clean out the bathroom. it's almost time to have it redone.  Then theres my front yard.... I've watered it 4 times now, at 4 hours a time, and the weeds are sure turning out just fine. The grass, not so much. oh well.
But the back yard looks swell.
ok, time to greet Monday properly. "GOOD MORNING MONDAY!".
There, i did it.
I'm off

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