Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

another nice Sunday morning.

Ah, this is the life. a great way to deal with the downward slope of summer. Downward i say? yup. We're losing minutes each day till we get to December.  But let us enjoy the wonderful weather we now have. I finally mowed the backyard yesterday. "WOW". I can't believe how tall those weeds got. I also packed my yard waste cart and i still have stuff to cram into it.
This is going to be cart tipping week: three carts, all lined up ready for the tipping truck. I saw the old WLAV tower go down yesterday. I should say, on YOUTUBE. if you want to see it too, it already be placed on the WWW.W8DC.ORG web site. No clue where the new tower is located.
So today is rest up after finally getting my neighbor her video burned to a dvd. She had tried to e-mail it to me. For some reason, the mail server wouldn't take it.  How about the size of it: 1.02 Gigs!  So i burned it and now shes all happy.
Great way to start the new week.
I"m off

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