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its happy "THE DAY AFTER" the 4th.

But we still have oodles of fireworks coming this way: the city will have their fireworks this coming Saturday.  And not to be out done, the neighbors will be letting off fireworks through then.  YAY.
But, it was  moderately quiet last night. I was really hopeing for rain, but nope. So out goes the sprinkler again. Now, the grass has gone from hay color to green,  in spots.
But at least i don't have to mow it.  The front that is. The back yard will just have to wait. Too humid and hot. hard to breath in this weather. I just did the laundry yesterday, so i really don't want to get it all smelly and yuckie feeling, so i'll wait.
Today is Carl's funeral. It hasn't sunk in yet. He was that kind of guy. He was always there.
ok, stay cool.
I'm off

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