Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Here comes the heat wave!

First off, here comes the storms tonight through tomorrow morning, then "THE HEAT WAVE OF 2018".  Well, thats what the technical ( Alleged ) meterologist forecast yesterday. Me? the weather is going to act like its on a rollercoaster ride: up and then down, dry and then soggy.
But what do i know.
Had great day yesterday. My best friend who passed away 7 years ago, saved the day. My vacuume cleaner has two plastic parts. One on top and the other hiding the motor and brushes. well, the genuse's desided that two machine screws would hold both parts together. LOL. Nope. and i didn't have any machine screws around here. My grandfather worked with wood, not metal. And the screws on the vacuume fell off. Good luck to find those. So yesterday,  I decided enought is enought. I brought it outside and flipped it over so i could work on it. The reason i brought it outside is because its a vacuume cleaner, and it collects dust and dirt and loose junk. I don't want that stuff in the house. But i still had the problem of machine screws. Then i found a packet of wire piggy tails, with two machine screws. "YES!". they both fit and i got the vacuume up and running again. Thank you Serge!
Now I'm a happy camper. I got to vacumme the floors yesterday. See, it doesn't take much to tickle my fancy.
I'm off ( and  happy)

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