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I hope this 90 degree non-sense isn't a pre-view of how this summer is going to turn out. We don't need a hot season like we just got over our nasty winter.( the first winter i've ever got frost bite)
Today is finally, 1. the cats litter box. 2. MOW THE LAWN.   heat be darned.
oh well, Yesterday i tried Shipt from Meijers. It really worked out well. I also, at the same time, had a new gas meter addistion put on my meter so they can read my meter simply by driving by! No more walking around the house in all kinds of weather.
I also almost went out on the front porch and applauded the trash truck driver. Man, is that guy talented. He couldn't get close to the curb, so while staying in the middle of the street, he had the arms reach to the cart, move it towards the truck, set it down, and then got a better grip on the cart and emptied it. Now thats talent. I wish i had the present of mind to see what the trucks number was so i could call and compliment the driver.
Well, its the weekend. go out to the beach and cool off!
I'm off