Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Everything is coming up green....and really needs to be mowed!

It's TGIFIJ. ( thats Thank goodness its Friday in June)  and we all have a beautiful weekend to look forward too. Maybe I'll get my lawnmower back. I have a funny feeling they had to order a part from briggs and straton.  Again. But being Friday in June, i have other things to do today, like grocery shopping, receive a UPS shippment. But the big thing is grocery shopping.  I have a lot of mickey mouse stuff to get. If i remember that is.  I also have a web site to build, a new computer to select parts for and of course, cuddle the cat on my lap and pet him and tell him what a majestic cat he is. ( he really is too).
So I should get to it.
I'm off

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