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wow, 90 degrees last Monday, 54 degrees this morning?

I guess that was summer last week. Welcome to fall 2018?   Just kidding. Had a nice night last night watching " Munich". I kind of remembered it, but not the 2 hours 43 minutes length of the film. Thats a long time, but it didn't bore me.
Today i get to plan on getting the club's newsletter out and walking up to the "NEW" bank we have in the neighborhood. YAY. LMCU. Finally, a nice reason to visit the avenue besides get a hair cut.
I still haven't got my lawn mower back from the lawn mower hospital. This isn't good. I think it may be the same thing it was last time: a warped plate, that keeps the gas from reaching the engine.  But i don't know this as a fact.
Ok, i'm off. HAPPY Monday.
I'm off

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