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Well, that was a nice night out, if i do say so myself.

I haven't been to a IRA Road kill chili dinner in a long time, ( in fact, this was my first) but it was fun. i had to manage with that stupid arthritis acting up something fierce, but hey, so what. There's always a little pain in everybody's life.
We have a  lot to explore over here in Grand Rapids. Arts festival is here for the whole weekend, The tradisional Independent Repeater Associations Ham swap and of course, their dinner. What was nice this year, was the return of the "West Michigan Ham of the Year' presentation. it was a total surprize to the recipent. That made is so special.  It's nice to acknowledge the achievements others have accomplished!
So today, show my appreicaition to my neighbor mark, He came over and mowed my front lawn yesterday. I didn't even ask him, he just went ahead and did it.
( of course, that means i haven't got my lawn mower back from the lawn mower hopspital.)
ok, i'm off

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