Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Hot and sticky. Summer 2018

well, we wished for it, so now lets see if we can live with it.
There's nothing quite like having a furry, hot, cat jump onto your lap and cuddle. Specially when it's 80 degrees out side. I live for these moments. ( well, scooter does anyway)
Mr Arthritis has been visiting me this past week. and how! Man, i haven't felt this much yuckiness in 14 years or so.  And i still haven't got my lawn mower back from the lawn mower hospital. Now thats not good.  Simple design ideas should work and last a good long time. Not 2 to 3 years. sloppy ideas!
Yes, you guessed it. I haven't mowed the yard yet this year. it wouldn't start, it would turn over, but not catch.
oh well. Art Festival is today through Sunday night. "Come on down!"
Hear David play a mean, fun, joyous bass. Yeah man!
Ok, i'm off

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