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That's the happy cat doing the Happy Dance.

I've had a terrific weekend so far. A late dinner with a friend Saturday night, followed by an ice cream tradision with my neighbor yesterday. Am i lucky or what!
I wonder what today will bring?  Besides attempting to break the hotest May 28th of record. 3 weeks ago, i actually shoveled snow, now I've got the AC running, and we need it. ( The cat told me so!)
I found my logon stuff for the web site, so now i can change stuff around. Thanks to Microsoft, None of my web creation software programs will run under Windows 7.  For 10 cents, I'd try and reinstall WIndows XP.   Then i could use most of my titles.
But, back up the computer first.
While we were eating our bowls of icecream yesterday, we noticed how much the good old NorthEnd has or should i say, is changing. Sweetlands candies is moving, we have a new "bar" where the Judo studio used to be. Subway's store looked real quiet yesterday: not one car parked in the lot? Closed for Sunday and / or Memorial Day weekend?
But remember what today is all about.
I'm off

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