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Day one of Memorial Day weekend.

i can't believe i saw the last episode of "The Thundermans".  I don't even watch it, but seeing it was their last show, i sat through it.
 Got an e-mail comment from my Dr." I was right, my foots' Protuberance  is probably due to my Ankylosing Sponodylitis. YAY. Got my physical results: I'm heathly and he's very happy about where i'm at. Blood presure is way down, colesteroid is where it should be and my weight is near where it should be. YAY. Now i can go broke getting cloeths that really fit. But i feel much better for it.
enough about my physical. Now I'm planing on going out for dinner tonight. and i'm seriously thinking about "Dreamwidth?"  .  More if not all my LJ friends have either moved to Dreamwidth, or twitter or Face book. But LJ seems like it losing oodles of blogers.
Ok, i'm off

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