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Yay. it's sunny shinny and just rain for the weekend.

Well, I actually stayed up till almost 2AM to watch TV. I watched "The 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Frame persentation" and inductees. Why so late?  I wanted to watch and hear "The Moody Blues", my favorite group from the 60's and beyond.,  It was worth it.  Serge, my best friend who is no longer with us, and I were going to watch them play the next time they came into Grand Rapids. We missed them. But watching them play outside of a studio was the second best thing.  They've still got it, and I'm still loving that music. ah.....reliving my teenage years when i'm 68!  What a hoot!
ok, time to quit pondering my next newsletter thing and the award thing a ma bob. (?)
I'm off   ( but not my rocker!)
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