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" My neighbor lady died Tuesday." (I was her lawn mower person)

I waved to her as she drove off to play bingo. Half an hour later, she drove speedily back home. I had my bro call her to tell her UPS dropped off her vitamins, and thats when we knew something was very wrong. Her main artery, the aorta, I believe, burst, killing her within a short period of time.
She was one of the last neighbors I talked with, though, my bro and her were best friends. I actually thought of her as my second mom. She had a hard crust around the edges, but with blond jokes, and kidding, the crust started to crumble. Within the last 2 days I discovered just how lonely she was and why she didn't want to make friends. Out of 2 brothers, 3 daughters, only one, is taking care of everything. None have offered to help settle the estate or even try to put on the funeral. Not even to help put on their own mothers funeral! They made a list of friends she had, and it was small..It would seem that she kept to herself, but not out of choice.
It took a long time before she would have her afternoon chats over our backyard fence. But it paid off too. The last memory I have of her is her waving and smiling at me as she drove off to play her favorite game, bingo.
I'll miss her badly.
Rest in Peace June W.

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