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It's Happy, soggy, really humid Thursday.

Wow, snow last week, and now thunderstorms and 80 temps!  What is the whole summer going to be like? Nothing like our past winter, i hope.
Last nights club meeting went good. met some new people and still have to write up the board meeting minutes today. and do the laundry, roll back the carts, order the "stuff" and maybe make out a grocery list. Maybe. Rich is now a grampa: Isabel Rose. Born yesterday afternoon at around 2PM.
ah.  we then went out to dinner at Denny's and had a jolly conversation with our waitress Pat.  all in all, a good day followed by a nice quiet evening. Till the storms rolls in that is. scared Scooter the cat and raised my eyebrows too. I wasn't expecting all this horrific weather at once. But the weather didn't listen to me. Drats!
ok, i'm off.

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