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Yay, thats me doing my happy dance. "IT"S TGIF" and a sunny weekend its going to be.

Finally, no more snow storms, or floods, or freezing temperatures. YAY. Now we're about to get into SPRING. Without the snow on the ground.  I actually shoveled the sidewalk yesterday  morning! Now, no snow to be found.
But, it's still below normal temps. Yuck. One thing at a time.
So last night, we went to lowes to look at stoves. "WOW". Talk about sticker shock! My goodness! If they weren't over priced, they had floor displays that looked like they had been Cannibalized. knobs missing. grills missing, burners removed. This was on the floor samples! Wow. So, I'll keep looking. I've got a lot to do, and i'm feeling pretty good about doing it.  It must be the sun and warm weather we're going to be getting.
ok, so, time to go. It is, after all, TGIF. Enjoy. have fun, but be safe.
I'm off

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