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a nice quiet Sunday morning.

Read the paper, held and cuddled the cat and now its time to go into "Lazy" mode. ah.....Sunday in the summer. and,,,,,we have a heat wave coming up starting this thursday. YAY.
 Hard to believe this is the last week in June. Gosh, it seems just like yesterday we were shoveling snow.
Got another dish of vegetable stew from my neighbor. YUM.
finished my puzzle last night. it took a whole 5 minutes. Here i had spent over 8 hours trying different ways to solve it.
I watched the middle  Matrix movie last night.  tonight, i'll watch the last one. Yay.
ok, i'm off
The cat and i slept in today. felt really good too.  we woke up for the 4:14AM cat feeding; both mine and the two outdoor kittys.  and then, right back to sleep we went.  I finally figured out that scooter the cat, wants to currle up on my chest at night! So thats what he's been doing these past nights.
If somebody had their nails cut...
So today is Field Day 2018. Thats when all the Ham Radio operators can operate outdoors to test their emergency Preparedness. its a lot of fun setting up antennas, getting generators to run and string up coax to the antennas. A lot of work, but fun. They only operate for 24 hours, depending when they started operating.
today is a good day to compose our next newsletter. Its a lot of work, but its great to publish a newsletter for others.  ok, its fun too.
ok, time to go.
I'm off
The first day of summer. I walked up and got a haircut and saw my attroney and bough some desert.
I called a few people and actually got a call from my priest. YAY. Now thats worth jumping up and down about!
Today is grocery day and get ready for the bathroom work: i need Lysol, both forms. Got to do some planing now, and can't procrastinate any longer. nuts. and now its the day after the longest day of summer.  That is suppose to mean something, it really doesn't.
So enjoy the soggy weekend. Oh, i couldn't buy a gascan yesterday, they were all sold out! She said she would order more this coming Monday.
ok, I'm off

ah, lazy, hazy Thursday.

and make out a grocery list for tomorrow. YAY me. Today is just enjoy the summer equinox and that today is the official day of summer! YAY us. The longest day of the year. So, I'll celebrate it by, 1. doing the laundry. 2. emptying out the trash for pickup later today. and 3. download the CDC report on Pfas.
it's best to always keep up with the scientific reports. keeps the grey cells busy.
and of course, solving puzzles in Fallout 4.  I love a mind challent.  And Fallout 4 sure provides them!
ok, time to wash the clothes.
I'm off
So here we are, on  Happy Wednesday. The cat and I slept in today till 10AM!  I can't believe the cat would allow "US" to do that. But lazy bones, himself, stayed in bed while i made my breakfast. I guess the heat must have taken its toll on him too. Good thing i got the front yard mowed last week, because there's no way i would have done it this week. Too strung out from all that stress. Heat and humidity will do that to a body.
But today is nothing too special, just roll out the cart and wait for the Repair services guy to show up.
Well, relaxing Wednesday is finally here. nice temp.
ok, i'm off

from 90 to 65. within 6 hours!

Love this climate. "Whats next?"
I didn't even know it was raining till my neighbor told me. it was  a nice gentle, soft warm rain.  a nice summer evening.
So today is maybe walk up to the avenue and buy a new gas can and $2.40 worth of gas. That should be about 2 pints. LOL.
Otherwise, today is doing secretary stuff and web design stuff. YAY me. But, it's fun.  and it does provide ample opportuities to learn new stuff.  Thats a kick in itself.
ok, time to hold scooter the cat. I should have named him snuggles?
Ok, i'm off
So, this is what its like during the longest days of summer. I believe the Sumer equinox is June 22?? Then, we start to lose minutes each day, till, that big fat guy in the red suit and all those reindeers fly through the sky. ( hopefully, bringing us the toys he didn't bring last year).
I tried to set out on the front porch yesterday: i could only manage 14 minutes.  Either come inside, or turn over and cook the other side.
How hot is it?  I haven't heard one glee from any of the neighborhood kids! No running through the sprinkler, no hopscotch.   What is summer without all of that, not to mention softball and skate boarding.
Some summer.
I'm off

the sweltering heat?

So far, our weather Prognosticators are batting 50: yes, the sun does rise in the morning.  But hey, they may have missed a few classes on prediction. Rain Saturday, missed the high temp for last night: it was suppose to break a record by several degrees. instead, my temp indicated 69 degrees.
But enough about weather. Now on to how to greet "FATHERS DAY", 2018. I think a nice new set of garden tools would be nice, or a 4kh tv ( not so sure on that one).
But i'll settle on holding the warm, fuzzy cat on my lap in 88 degree weather, all the time as i pet him and tell him how Majestic he is.
So Happy Father's Day.  Dads!
I'm off

Lightening to go to bed by?

Our first summer storm. kind of.  a gentle rain with some lightening and a nice soft very humid breeze. "Whats better", this or a blizzard?
So I finally Scraped together a few software titles that should allow me to create a web site. What has happened to creativety in this world?
I decided it was better to use my mind instead of sitting and watching TV, so i fired up "Fallout 4", GOTY edition. WOW.  Some things do get better with age.
Today is quiet, and admire the freshly mowed lawn i mowed yesterday.  WOW. it was just mowed by my neightbor 2 weeks ago, and it really needed it again!  I tried mowing the backyard, but no go. I need to get a new gascan and about 1 1/2 gallon of petrol. I have this strange feeling we're going to have a real grass growing summer.
ok, i'm off
I hope this 90 degree non-sense isn't a pre-view of how this summer is going to turn out. We don't need a hot season like we just got over our nasty winter.( the first winter i've ever got frost bite)
Today is finally, 1. the cats litter box. 2. MOW THE LAWN.   heat be darned.
oh well, Yesterday i tried Shipt from Meijers. It really worked out well. I also, at the same time, had a new gas meter addistion put on my meter so they can read my meter simply by driving by! No more walking around the house in all kinds of weather.
I also almost went out on the front porch and applauded the trash truck driver. Man, is that guy talented. He couldn't get close to the curb, so while staying in the middle of the street, he had the arms reach to the cart, move it towards the truck, set it down, and then got a better grip on the cart and emptied it. Now thats talent. I wish i had the present of mind to see what the trucks number was so i could call and compliment the driver.
Well, its the weekend. go out to the beach and cool off!
I'm off