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Yes, it's "POP's" day. So for goodness sake, treat Dad like he's the king, he is. Father's are always proud of their family, but when's the last time you heard someone say, "They were proud of their Dad?"  Tell everybody, especially your Dad, how Special he is.
Today is also, for me anyway, time to watch "Game of Thrones". I watched the first 2 episodes last night, and would have spent most of the night watching the next Blu-ray disk. It's got the best writing i've seen and heard in a long, long time!  I should have tried this out before. Not too late. after all, its' the story.
ok, Have a HAPPY FATHER's Day. some of you will have a tought time with that today. Life changes things. and not always for the good.
I'm off

It's Happy Saturday.

the kids are out going to the park, or the city swiming pool. Me?  I'm sitting inside, getting ready to walk up to the gas station and get some lawn mower gasoline.  YAY me. Yay, no ice, snow or soggy weather.  Right now, that is. Next Friday is the summer Equinox . YAY. it's down hill from there. Days get shorter, the leaves think about turning color, and way up north, beyond where Santa Claus lives, theres a snow cloud.  What dreams may come.
But till then, fill prescriptions, get petrol, and walk and walk. ( and lose weight and reduce size)  I almost got on my 38 size jeans. almost. hip bones have to shrink first. that may take about a year or so. Not bad. from size 52 to 40. not too shabby. Now lets see if i can get down to a manageble weight and size. No, not size 34 and wight 150. NO WAY.
ok, time to put my walking shoes on. YUCK.
I'm off ( and loving it)

YES. We finally made it. Through Monday, pass HUMP Day, and now, TGIF. YES. We can either leave work early ( play hookey) or pretend to go out for coffee, and drive home.  This is it. The big weekend. Big, because its about a week before the longest day of the year is upon us. I think it's June 21 or 22. I always forget, because i like the shortest day of the year, December 21 I think.  WHy, because i don't have to mow the lawn in December.
So now, today i have a lot of graphic stuff to do and help the cat scratch his ears. I did go to the grocery store yesterday. Guess what?  The prices seem to have risen. again. YET. ok, i guess this is how its going to be from now on.
ok, enjoy TGIF.
I'm off

Now, for some peace and quiet.

Wow, the 7th Standly coup started out with a bang. and then, lady luck showed her hand. The goalie of STL blues, could do no wrong. WHile the Boston's goalie, couldn't do anything right. or so it seemed. But, i watched it till the end. Now, all i, we can do, is wait till next fall when Hockey comes back from a well derserved vacation.
TIll then, just mow the grass.....
Today is grocery day and try out a ROKU device. interesting.
Ok, i'm off


Watch out for roaming camels. It's Hump day. But, it's nice to know we're halfway through the week. We can look forward to the rainy weekend?? NO. We can look forward to the Stanley Cup Hockey game tonight. GAME 7! YES. It's been a long time since we've had this much fun. 7 games. That is the only thing I'll be watching tonight.
But, I do have some other things to get with. Yes, I did mow the lawn yesterday. No matter how much I protested, the cat convinced me to mow it! Cat's are like that. The good thing, I almost ran out of gas. YAY again! Now I'll have to walk up to the marathon station and get a whopping $1.40 worth of gas. Just enough for half the mowing season. I said I'm simple, not stupid.
Ok, time to load up on chips and milk. I said I was going to have a great night with hockey. Chips and milk do it for me.
I'm off ( in more ways than one)
YAY us. we're coming out of the last week of summer, and headed toward fall???? Ok, well, that's how it feels like. I got woke up by hearing the furnace kick on. It was that cold last night? The second week of June? Why am I putting all these question marks at the end of these sentence. I don't know. I'm a tad confused. This is supposed to be JUNE, Not October. Yet. Well, I guess i'll just have to get used to it, huh.
ok, I'm off
I'm one sharp dude. I got my laundry done yesterday, watched Boston beat up Saint L. blues on ice. and turned in my blood pressure reading to my Dr. He already replied: ok and rub scooter the cats ears. That was from my Dr. No, he's not a vet. Just a human Dr. I made a "thing" for Jack, for the Face Book page. I can't believe all of the software programs I used to use, are gone! or, won't work in Windows 7. Forget window's 10. There's no way they'd work in that system. But after fiddling about, I got kind of what I wanted. Kind of, I said. We'll see.
so today is catch up on house things. Yay me.
Hope Thom is back home today.
ok, I'm off
It's been a great weekend. I managed to prolong the starting to mow the lawn till later this weekend, or maybe next week?
But it's a good weekend. Finally got the newsletter finished, and now, off it goes. Today ia another do nothing day. YAY. The summer is full of them. My kind of weather. But the lawn, does call out to me. rats. I guess i'll have to do it. oh well. right, now, enjoy the Sunday.
I'm off
We made it. Got through the club meeting last night, presented the Parks on the air certificate that the club got, that Hank worked so hard to get. Then a nice relaxing evening with friends at Denny's. Got home and presto, had a arthritis flair up, on all places, my arms! Weird, to say the lease.
But today is mow the hay field in my back yard and print up the minutes from last nights meeting. Should be a piece of cake. But, its a beautiful day and Festival 2019 is in full bloom. ah..Summer is indeed here. Enjoy it.
I'm off
I can't believe Festival 2019 is already upon us. and........TGIF...Now, if only Thom would get out of the hospital.....
So today I look outside and see all the work I need to do. "NOT TODAY".
and then try to decide whether to paint, or sand the bathroom floor "NOT TODAY".
but we have the club meeting to go to tonight. "YUP, TODAY"
But all in all, it truly is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Thank you Mister Rogers.
I'm off