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It's Happy TGIF & cloudy Friday. yuck.

A nice snow fall would really be nice about now, instead of this gloomy dark grey, leafs all over everybody's yard. Last night, the street sweepers came by, about 4 times!  I thought it was still October for a second.
So its time to make out the Christmas cards. I checked the grocery store last night and was shocked to find  a whole row of $7.95 Christmas cards.  And that was just for one.
Maybe my neighbor has the right idea: make your cards.  Hmmmmm. have to give that some thought.
So today is the day of of a great weekend ahead of us. Have fun, but be safe.
I;m off

A dry, and cold December.

Nuts. cloudy days, with hardly any snow storms in sight!  Not nice at all. We want snow, not sleet. We've still got a bunch of weather before Aprilt comes.
Yesterday saw me backing up my computer, just in case. The last time i did this with one of my computers, the thing died within one week. So  i hope I'm wrong.  Today is maybe going to grocery and also make out the forms i need to mail. Now, i'm going to go out and roll the carts back into their resting place. They have had a heavy load to carry this past week. LOL.
ok, enought with the nonsense.
I'm off

It's Happy Hump Day.

Today is me resting up after that nasty bad food stuff i had over the weekend. Now that was something. I'll have to be careful from now on. Yesterday, Rich D. took me out to lunch at Denny's.  The welcome person turned out to be my neighbor. He introduced us to his Waitresses in the Restaurant.   It was very busy, but that was kind of expected, since it was close to noon. I over heard a customer ask the cashier how old her mom was: she siad her mom was born in 1955. Now i feel old!.
On the way home, we stopped at Walgreens and i picked out 3 Hallmark cads to send to folks in the hospital and who are  Grieving over a  lost loved one.
Tuesday was busy, but got it all done. and the net too.
I'm off

Now that was one  great Birthday gift. Receiving all those well meaning Happy BIrthday from you. "THANK YOU".  You never really know how loving your friends are, till thsy wish you happiness.  "Thank you" Love you all.
My cat gave me a nice present: he jumped onto my lap so i couldn't watch TV: i had no excuse except to pet him. I did. He meowed his approveble.
My computer's present wasn't so nice. When i turned it on, i was greeted by a rumbling noise. Not a good sign!  I've went through about 8 hard drives since i started building them 15 years ago, and i know that warning sign. So, my late Birthday present and early Christmas present is to start hunting around for computer motherboards and parts. I even called Leo LaPort, The Tech Guy. He thought GIgabyte had some special deals. Never leave any rock unturned!.
Ok, back to hunting and waiting for the UPS truck to deliver my new WD harddrive. sigh. I had other plans to spent money on this season. But it had other ideas for me. yuck.
SO, God Bless all of you.  WIshing a snow packed holiday for all.
I'm off

Yup, I made it. 69 years!  I really didn't think I'd make it to this age, since most of my family either left this world at 67 or 88. Pick one!  But I woke up to a kitty kat meowing "Happy Birthday" to me, in cat talk. ( its goes like  this...meow meow meow. you get the idea)
Then, to celebrate, i took a 8:30AM bath. So now, i'm Squeaky clean for the day. Since i'm still losing weight, i think a German chocolate cake is out. I'll miss that today.  But that doesn't mean soda crackers are in. nope, maybe a double cheese burger pizza from Papa Johns? try it, its great.
What gifts am i expecting today? Why, when i first turned my computer on this morning, i was greeted by a noise from my Hard drive. Yay. Thank you for an early birthday gift!!!!
So, i'll spend the day looking around for a quality dirive.  wish me luck. though, thinking about my life up to now, I've been blessed with so much, i don't dare ask for anything, except to say..."Thank You  God" and Thank you all my friends whom I think the world of. You have made all the difference in this lifes journey.
I'm off ( to see the whizard)

It's almost reindeer time.

Well, i wasted practically a whole night being sick. No, not the flu, something i ate.  oh well, time to change my eating habits.  more home cooking, less Restaurants.  For a while, anyway.
So today, i catch up with all the stuff i was planing on doing yesterday. Yay me. 
"What happened to the four days of sun shine the forecasters said we would be getting over the weekend??"
ok, i guess if you imagine the clouds moving away, theres the sun, right?
ok, time to get with it.
I'm off

Now that was one cold night!

I attended the club meeting last night and it was swimmingly well. Even with 3, count them, 3 presentations!  One from the Red Cross, one from the John Ball Zoo and another about Flex radios "Whisper" mode. ( bandwidth of 6 cycyles).
We then went out to Denny's where we got cold eggs and sourdough toast. yum. Eggs taste better when they're hot!
Got home huged the kitty kat and Promptly fell asleep! Wow, this is the third day in a row that i've fell asleep in that chair. Even the cat is wondering if something is wrong. It is. its' called "Baby, its cold outside" and I'm comfy and toasty warm in that chair. See, i knew there was a good explaination for it.
I also heard from an old dear friend, Cupkate! Yay. I do miss her.  But computer problems have taken their toll even on her stuff.
Ok, i've got work to do today. Enjoy.
I'm off
What an exciting weekend we're about to have!  Ice skating at Rosa Park, if you like.  Sking at the many different ski slopes.  Or...staying inside a nice warm house with your animal ( that includes your spouse or critter).
SO we have more choices to pick from. Me?  Why I'm going to ge Transcribing tonights club meeting minutes. YAY me. The excitment, the fun. The tired of sitting infront of this computer.. and not one computer game installed!  Oh the horror.
Well, i guess this is a great weekend in our winter season.  But no snowmen are being built. Yet.
ok, time to get with it.
I'm off

Yay, Cupcakekatie is back.

Only she's on Instangram(?).  Boy, I'm glad to hear from her. She's the one who made that icon for me. I use it every Christmas. Helps create the season mood.
Well, last night the first meeting with the new staff went well. Not a lot of people showed up. But this is winter and some left for warmer climates.
But we heary souls stayed. ( i suppect to shovel snow?)
So here we are. close to Reindeer flying through the sky. Ho HO HO.  Now is the time to ask, " Have I (you) been a good boy-girl, or did you have fun?"  I mean, naughty, thats what i really meant.
so, time to go. i've got minutes to plow through. YAY being a secretary.
I'm off.

This is the week that is....

Tonight is the first night with the new officers of Grara. Of course, I'm back. They wouldn't think of losing me!  ( translation: nobody else wants the job!) The leaves did a strange thing last night: they dissapeared!  In their place is this cold, hard thing they call, S.N.O.W.  I'll have to google that to find out what that stuff is.
Today is George H.W. Bushs' furneral. I watched the viewing last night on C-span.
God Bless him and his family.
I'm off