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ah, rainy Tuesday.....

This is also  do laundry day, change the cat litter box, sweep the floor where the cat litter box sits, break up shipping boxes.  That's already done!  "I'm a good boy!"  Now i try and take a trip down memory lane. I'm trying to remember all the people who have been nominated for Ham of the year. No task for the light hearted. 17 years is a long time to still be able to recall who was and who wasn't nominated. But, I can do it.
I also had a historic first: I wore a size pants that i haven't been able to wear since 1990 or so. Now that made me feel good, and broke at the same time. Now i should replace my shirts, pants, shoes and "unmentionalbles".   Now thats expensive! But my heart and blood presure love it!
ok, time to hold the cat. and pet him. and tell him how majestic he is.
Ok, I'm off

It's going to become, soggy Monday.

I can't believe we're supposed to get over 3 inches of rain over the next 2 or 3 days!  Now I know, and you do to, for those of us who live in Michigan, that winter is not over.  Time to stock up on de-icyer. A lot of if.
I got some work done on the HOTY award. For those of you who don't know what that stands for, it's "West Michigan Ham of the Year" award. Something that we started over 17 years ago. I thought it was about time we brought it back. I think it's important to acknowledge the significant contributions folks have contributed to our hobby of Amateur Radio. I just feel that way. So now i get the hard part, scraching my head and trying to remember who was nominated over the years.
and i may have company over today. that would be nice.
ok, time to pull on the rain coat.
I'm off

It's cold, sunny Sunday.

Did i mention it snowed last night?  Well it did. Nice, large fluffy flakes.  The kind that transfixes one into dream land when you watch them for a while.
This is the day I'll get the data base updated. I hope. I seem to be missing current data. I have lists to make and forward a whole partial of lists to other folks.
Going to be a busy day. Did i mention we're going to have 50 degree days next week with oodles of rain? They say so. But they also failed to forecast the snow we got last night.
I'm off

Here we are, cold, cloudy Saturday.

But at lease the cat and i slept in today. I had to fight him to do it, but i won. Yay me.
Well grocery shopping wasn't as bad as i had expected it to be. There were still a lot of wrong way cart pushers, going that way and the other.  And i saw Saint Patricks day stuff already out.  So today is partial laundry day and then maybe company. I had a nice visit from my paritst Priese yesterday. it's been decades since we got together. What a nice chat we had. So today is gloomy Saturday.
I'm off
I'm speechless over the events that have happened in schools.  R.I.P.
So today is "Lets go shopping" for groceries. YAY. The cat is happy, this is the day he gets a fresh bag of cat food. He doesn't like older food. You know, from a bag that has been opened for 10 days!  What a cat. I had a surprize last night: My Priest called me up and we talked and he said he'd visit me today. YAY. Should be a happy time. But i know he's very busy, so if he's late or doesn't show, I'll understand.
So, how to walk on cement snow?  all the melted or almost melted snow has solidified and now is hard as a rock or, slippery as ice should be. oh boy. Cross your fingers. carrying 40 lbs of cat litter over that stuff is a test of some kind.
oh well.
I'm off

17 high school students murdered.

Sad Thursday.  and it keeps happening.
So Wednesday i attmepted to shovel the driveway. But hard, frozen snow is more like cement than snow. and heavy!  Oh boy. I actually had to quit due to being tuckered out. it was heavy snow! and it still needs work if my driver hopes to make my driveway tomorrow.  Did  i mention it is raining today? well it is. talk about adding insult to injurgy!
But the snow once again should be all gone by Tuesday of next week. YAY.
I'm thinking of making a Music CD from my stock of music.  sounds like a good idea. So, it should be a good day. soggy, but good.
I'm off


Yes, today is the day we give our sweethearts chocolate and Roses.  And we eat pizza and get ASHED: This is also Ash Wednesday. The official start of Lent, for 40 days we give up something and repent of all the sins we've done.
and it's Valentines day too.  Yes, I'm ASHED. atlease till i take a bath tonight.  Today is also finished shoveling the cement hard snow at the bottom of my driveway, before it all melts away within the next 4 days. Here we go again. But the day is just starting. Enjoy it.
and tell somebody you LOVE them. It will make their day too.
I'm off

YAY. It's Happy Monday......On Tuesday!

and means laundry, take out the cat litter and trash bags. and get ready for tonights net.  I watched "Wonder Woman" last night. What a great flick! This was worth buying and keeping.  I will watch it again.
Well, we're in another "HOT" spell. just for 7 to 10 days, then guess what will return again. and again. I can rest up my snow shoveling arm. It needs it too.
ok, off to Blue Tuesday on Tuesday.
I'm off
The laundry is done. I may have to clean up some side walks i couldn't finish yesterday due to the cold. But otherwise, it's clear Monday. YAY.
Now just remember what other things i need to do. Like get ready for "ASH Wednesday", followed by Lent. 40 days of eating fish on Friday.  So winter is almost half over. I see we have another blast of storms coming this way next week. yikes!  I have way too much snow, and no place to put it! I had to quit early yesterday when my fingers got cold.
And not one snowman to be seen???  Where are all the artist kids???
Ok, I'm off

it's Happy Snowy Sunday.

Yay. I get to shovel today. just like yesterday and the day before and the day before that. it never ends. But i had fun yesterday. My neighbor took me out to lunch.  It was great to get out of the house for more than shoveling snow.  Then i stopped and got my eggs for the coming week. Yay me.  So last night, i attempted to watch a whole movie. Nada. fell asleep two or three times. drat cat for waking me up at 5 AM. But it was also nice to get a nice relaxing Saturday night.  Today it is snowing and tomorrow too. This is turning out to be like the winters i remember when i was a kid. swell. large mountains of snow between the sidewalk and street. I would pretend a tyrannosaurus Rex was lurking on the other side of the mountain of ice and snow. That would help me get home faster. even in winter!
ah, to be a kid again.  Specially when one is an adult.
I'm off