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It was no big deal. I thought once one turned 68, the world would change.  Nope. the only thing that does happen is one thinks about all the events and experiences one has gone through in their life.  "WOW".  Some are "X" rated, ( not a lot, just enough to keep it interesting) and then we have oodles of "G" and around that.  But mainly, each time period is earmarked by the friends i've made and who have been in my heart since we met. Wow.  Those are the memories that last and are the most important. To be, anyway.
So here I go into 68, at almost full speed. Head first. The only way to fly!
Be safe. it's going to be nasty for the next 21 days.
I'm off

I spent last night thinking of my past 68 years. Wow. all the things that i've seen and went through. WOW. again, with feeling.  And here i am, with a cat cuddled up in my lap, me petting him all the while telling him what a special boy he is. ( actually, i used the word Majestic- he prefers that word).
So today, I'll celebrate it by 1. empting out the trash can in the kitchen. 2. doing the laundry. 3. looking up a receipe for Apple-Cabbage stew or soup. and 4. having some company over later on. and the good part, 5. bring really good cloeths to Goodwill. Now thats the real way to celebrate anything.
Helping others.
Ok, off to look for my german chocolate cake. yum yum.
I'm off

Wow, everything is covered with fluffy snow. Beautiful to look at. But I''ll go out and clean the sidewalk and maybe others. Who am i kidding, of course I'll do the others. It's the season of giving. Giving good and needed work is always appreciated.
Got my groceries yesterday. heavy lifting of 35 bottles of water. This is for the cat and sometimes me. But mostly for the cat.
Today is re-edit the documents for the club. YAY me. I love getting into Microsoft Office Professional. I used to like working with it. but now. They've redesigned it so it looks more like a Windows 10 desktop.
Well, time to go and change to my old trusty jeans: don't want to wear cold wet jeans after shoveling.
I'm off and be very careful if you drive today.

burrrrr..20 degrees and its 10:26AM. TGIF

now that's getting cold!  and next week is suppose to get the same only lower?
Well, today is grocery day. the first one with snow on the ground. should be interesting.  I practiced yesterday by shoveling the sidewalk and my neighbors walkway. Well, somebody else had already shoveled the walk, but i needed the practice. Losing all that weight sure helped me out yesterday. Except for the cold part: the don't have the layers of fat to keep me warm. and i could tell yesterday.  But i survived.
I finally got througth with watching "Dragonball" last night. 5 seasons of 5 DVD's each. But it was funny. Hard to believe it came out in 1984 or so.  It held up great through the years.
Now whats next?
I got the constitution and club's by-laws formated and am ready for the printer to do his work. But not too many. When someone offers to do something for free, one shouldn't over do it.
I'm off

Day two, of upgrading WIndows 7.

and they stuck skype on my desktop!  Oh good. Now i had to remove that just to speed it up.  lets see, 141 plus 81....222 files were updated!  I wonder if MS is getting ready to ditch Windows 7?
Well i had a surprize last night. got up to use the bathroom at 2AM and spotted a cat resting on my front porch!  It was 25 degrees outside!  I opened the door and tryed to talk him inside, but he was way too Skittish to come to my call. So, standing outside in 25 degree weather, I tried meowing to the cat. no good. oh well.  Scooter kept a watch from then to i got up at 7AM. Then I decided to try and feed him. I got his favorite breakfast and presto: he had found a safer place to lay down. I fed him and off he goes.
Some people shouldn't be allowed to have pets. Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed!
ok, back to work
I'm off

Now that was one heck of a upgrade!

Man, am I ever late! Microsoft decided today, at 9:36AM was a good time to upgrade my Windows 7 OS. it took 2 hours and many restarts. So i just walked away from it without doing an meaningful work. Nuts. Now I'm backed up with doing what i wanted to do. But i did roll out the garbage cart. Buurrrr. now 27 degrees is "COOL".
ok, I'll go warm up my CPU.
I'm off

"Here comes the snow"

and the artic temps. Last night we had a thunderstorm, with lightening and thunder. and rain.  Not today. Today is the kind of weather Santa Claus likes. Me Too.
ah. I've waited through all that 94 degree days just to get here. "YAY".  ( now lets all do a Happy Dance on a table or something solid)
Well, I pulled on my secretary hat yesterday, and spent more time than i should have removing line breaks and pasting the Clubs constitution and By-Laws into Word.  Then, I joined them by Adobe Acrobat and made one neat document. Oh am i something, or what!
Today, Laundry and go up and down, then up and down the stairs again. Talk about exercise.
But it needs to be done.
ok, off to start the Santa watch.
I'm off

"YAY".. Here comes the snow.

and next, the sound of reindeer hoofs on the roof, by Santa getting stuck in the chimey.  Oh the horror!
But it's going to be an interesting week.  Got my paper work done yesterday and now i can plan on doing the other stuff that needs to be done.  Like make out my Birthday gift list, My Christmas list and let us not forget, The January 1st list. Yes, I like making gift lists out. But, I'm still not getting that lear jet or the Land Rover ( why would i want one of those?). But, it's fun to make up the lists anyway.
So off I go.  Keep safe and watch out for the other driver: cause he isn't watching anything!
I'm off
You get the idea. Santa Claus is really coming to town, and maybe already be here. I hope he doesn't spend too much time checking the list who's been naughty or had a good time.
I watched "kong, Skull Island"  last night. it was different, and i really loved the ending to it.  Just watch it through to the very end of the credits, or you'll miss it.
Today is do the club minutes. YAY me. Just what i want to do: listen to the whole meeting over again. But, it is a cold day, so what the heck.  I'm now watching season 5 of "DragonBall". Goku grows up! and how.
Today at 7AM, on Blue Lake, WBLV, they had an hour long radio show on the independance of Finland: 1917 to 2017. Yay Finland.  I really need to visit that country and see where my roots and possible family may have come from.
Ok, Keep warm and be safe.
I'm off


The weekend before the "BIG SNOW=COLD TEMP" Week. Well, starting Wednesday, anyway.
Had good time last night at the club meeting. It's nice to see new and old friends. Now if this can only happen at the next weeks club meeting.
Really surprized myself last night at dinner. I ordered a  chicken friend steak with bashed potatos and country road gravy. Yum. I ate everything except the brocoli. Drats!  I did so want to eat those too. But after losing so much, everything has strunk so much, i can't eat like i used to. drats again.
oh well. I'm about to walk up to the avenue and get some eggs: be prepared. You don't know what the road conditions are going to be like by next weekend.
So, here i go. Be safe but have a ball.
I'm off