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"Where is Professor Gizmo when you need him?" I made it! Yes I did. I walked over the frozen drive way and didn't fall. YAY ME. I almost did, my friends grabbed my arm to steady me as I slid and slipped on the icy driveway. Nothing was clear yesterday. it was all icy and slippery. Nasty state of weather. and this is going to be with us till next Saturday. Is this how we're going to greet March? I hope not.
ok, its Saturday. and the cat woke me up at 7:40AM. Bad cat!
ok, I'm off, ( and yawing)
YES. This is the way to start our weekend!  No shoveling. no getting my winter boots soaked.  Indeed. I shoveled water yesterday. and then i walked across a nice wet, but not slippery street to shovel a path so Mr.Mailman didn't have to walk way down the side walk to cross the street. All in all, a nice start to the begining of the weekend.
Remember all that water i wrote about? well, it dropped to 22 degrees last night. No more water, but slippery ice. YAY Michigan.
Ok, i'm off ( snuggling my cat)
Ok, so it didn't rhyme, i tried.  " Up your nose, down your spine, oh won't you be my valentine". There, now your happy.
Today we're supposed to reach 40 degrees and this is the day we go shopping, due to the forecast for the rest of the month. Yay us.
Well, i did shovel some more yesterday. You couldn't tell i had shoveled anything the day before. Such is winter, Michigan style.
My friend lost their sick kitty. Rascal was a cute cat and always got on her owners lap.
such is how cats behave. Mine doesn't that too, but so did my Samoyed. He was a big dog.
Ok, time to get with it.
I'm off
IT's "HAPPY HUMP DAY". Yay. and we all know what that means, don't we? Yes, shovel snow so I have a place to put the trash cart. YAY me. I do so look forward to shoveling snow mixed with chunks of ice, so I can attempt to wheel that trash cart down to the curb. Ah.......life is good.
I think I'm just about done with pulling together the next newsletter. So much has happened that deserves to be included in the letter, that's I've had to put off finalizing it till now.
Now, if everything settles down.......
I'm off ( with a cuddly cat on my lap)
I usually like my winters spread out across 3 months. Not 2 weeks. Today, like it or not, i have to shovel S.N.O.W.. which is ok. But i'm running out of places to pile the shoveled snow.  I tried selling some to my neighbor, but he wasn't buying. Nuts.
Today, besides staying inside and being safe, is to clear a path on the sidewalk for our trusty mailman. He has had a hard go ot it this winter.
ok, time to get with it.
I'm off

ah.. a nice hot steamy sauna.....

But we must face MONDAY. and the whole weekend storms that are headed this way.  Man, if it aint one thing......But i got a lot done this past weekend. Now all i have to do is get all that stuff out of my head and onto paper. simple, right?
So today is look at my neighbors tree damage that came about during the ice storm we had last week. I never heard anything, but oh the limbs that are down.  and the icy sidewalks.
So, today starts off nice, 20 degrees warmer than last week. now thats a start.
ok, I'm off

Almost back to normal.

Tree limbs all over the neighborhood. I have my own mess to clean up. But not in 10 degree weather. It aint going anywhere.
Our Amateur Radio club went out yesterday to help provide communications to the shelters, which were badly needed. I can't imagine what its like with no heat for 4 days. My hat goes off to all who braved the nasty temps to help others out. God Bless you all!
Me? I felt motivated enough to replace the furnace filter, do the laundry, shovel the sidewalks and make some phone calls.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMUND Lomascize ( W8NZW)." He turned 100 on January 28th. 100 years old. Wow, and I feel ancient at 69!! I'm still a kid. I called his relation, Father Don, and we're planning a trip to see him when its safe.
Ok, Its time to spend like a normal Sunday: read the comics.
I'm off

what a day-night!

Blowing snow, a white out. temps dropping to 7 or so. and 4 more weeks to go!  I love Michigan winters. It's just the weather i can't stand.
Today i have to shovel out the drive so the mailman can safetly warlk up to our box. and maybe part of the sidewalk. and the sun....it sure is bright in the winter, isn't it!
I have paper work to do and search for data. a good Saturday day project. yuck.
ok, be safe and stay warm.
I'm off

Hey, I'm back.

What a week. Yesterday I lost power for about 15 minutes. I also lost Xfinity for about half an hour! No internet. But it came back and I spent time figuring out in the world I was going to go to the store. Me and everybody else, it seems. The parking lot was full and there were more people in the store than I imagined. My next door neighbor called to tell me one of my branches fell on their fence and took a piece out of it. But there's nothing I can do now. can't open my gate to haul the stuff out. i'll call my home owners guy and see what he says. However, I think they're going to be very busy removing branches and trying to get 134,000 people back to being powered. Gosh, we've been having a terrible month, or should I say "YEAR?". and we're not done yet. stay tuned.....
I'm off
So, there's no global warming, huh?   Go back to 8th grade and finish your science project for class!
Wow, I was kept up last night by hearing rain drops hitting my bedroom window!  February 6th??
Lets see, snow storm covers the sidewalk and drive way. warm weather melts the snow and puts water over ice on the sidewalk. Now sleet falls and covers everything. Yeah, i think i have it. Our club meeting has been cancelled. "GOOD CALL!". I'm spending time thinking how i'm going to wheel the trash and recycle carts down to the curb.  Without falling flat on my personality!
What a winter!  But , it means i have to stay inside and get all that stuff done i've been delaying doing. NUTS!  Now i have no reason to not do it.
oh well.
 back to cuddling the kitty kat.
I'm off