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what a busy day

Yesterday started out by going to breakfast with a friend, coming home, doing the laundry and then deciding to trim the small branches in the side yard. wow, was that ever a bad idea. it wasn't trimming anything. It was a ton of work and I spent more time cleaning up the branches as I did cut them down. and I'm still not done. The big boy is today, as soon as I wake up, that is. I have to have my morning coffee. I believe there's a law about me having that before anything else. I think. So for entertainment, I watched on the last night of free HBO, Kung fu panda, 2. Yes, I did. I miss that panda. well, I also like Wallykazam. See, this is what a grown up watched, when your over 21. ok. time to see what the cats doing.
I'm off
Yes, Mr.Bumpy is once again our homeroom teacher. Should be an interesting year. Well, I'm movie out. can't believe I sat through all those flicks. I ended with "Titan AE". Now, work has to be done. trim a brush, wash the clothes, and plan on tossing out junk. Time to clean the old house of stuff I've accumulated over the past 6 decades. and boy, is it a lot of junk, I mean stuff. No, I was right the first time: junk.
and I'm celebrating 18 years of writing a blog. On August 14, 2001, I started writing into and reading Live Journal. That was 18 years ago. A lot of close and good friends have moved on since then. Married, moved to another country, moved to another blog, or Face Book or Twitter. They have grown up. and changed with the time. Here I still be.
I'm off
I watched more movies last night than I have in over a year. HBO has a free weekend so........I watched Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 7. it's my favorite episode. Then I watched a few new flicks and today I will watch maybe 2 more. I'm movie out. at lease for the remainder of the summer. But don't think I forgot to compose the newsletter. I'm putting it together as I type. Right now, there's a storm moving in with lightening and wind, and I bet, even rain. ( they usually come together).
ok, time to go. I slept in today with the cat curled up next to me. cats are like that. so are dogs.
ok, I'm off
Here we are, Happy Saturday. A good day to do "Saturday" stuff. like, grab a box of cereal and sit on the floor and watch cartoons till the sports programs pre-empty the toon's. I'm still researching the stuff for the newsletter. Got to remind myself that I'm writing to a particular audience. Things change. We have a lot of new hams now days, and some of them are Ham in a Day. That changes the in-depth articles I was going to use. NUTS. But i'll get it done. and right too.
ok, I'm off
I went grocery shopping yesterday and looked over the school lunch boxes. You never know when I might decide to return to school. It was a busy Thursday. water inspectors, insurance photographer, planning on where to move furniture. That was Thursday. today is follow through on some things. Like realizing that I'm losing weight. again....YET! That's good, but I do not want to go beyond 200. Been there before. Not going there again! Had quite a bit of shock when I got milk yesterday: $2.59 for a gallon! WOW. must be some expensive cows, huh.
ok, it's TGIF and that means THE WEEKEND IS UPON US. Yay us.
I'm off

Well, here i am. one day after "HUMP" day.

YES! Hump day has come and gone. YAY US. I celebrated last night by going out to eat with my friends at a restaurant called Uecllent(?) Its an Italian place and I had a GARLIC salad with assorted vegies. ( lots and lots of garlic). It was delicious. and not that expensive! a fun evening. Then I fell asleep about 11PM, ( being retired has told my body its ok to fall asleep whenever it wants to- it doesn't need my permission!) I woke up around 4AM to find another dead mouse. That's the second one in two days. What gives! I had the carpenter fill all the holes in the basement. so, the investigation continues.....
Ok, its research day and grocery shopping. YAY. The water dept just inspected my plumping work that was done. It's always great to talk with workers who are about my age!.
ok, I'm off.

it's Happy HUMP Day.

WOW, I can't believe I got all things accomplished like I did yesterday. walk up get gas, carry it back. mow the lawn, trim the weeds( I want them to look nice too), talk to my priest for almost a whole hour, and then, as the kids say now days, "Chill out" with the neighbor and my cat. missed dinner for the Ham net. tried to sleep in the bed, and forgot, I sleep way better in the chair?????
so at 2:40AM, I turned on the tv and watched a documentary on ILM. interesting. then I fell asleep and the "meow alarm clock" woke me up. and here I be. YAY. I made it.
I'm off.

It's almost Hump day. not quite, but close.

Here we are. Happy Tuesday(?). time to get more petroleum, mow the lawn and maybe try trimming that huge branch. Maybe. it's heavy to lift. But I have other things to do too. like scratch the article I was going to write for the newsletter. I had feedback that confirmed what I thought upon reading the article: it's a "tad" too technical for our readers. So.....get the books out and see what's next.
I finally got through the dragon priest mask quest: took long enough. But I'm almost finished with the quests in Skyrim. Sure took long enough. I had to have two major updates from Bethesda to accomplish it, but its almost done.
ok, I'm off

IT's BLue Monday.

Today was greeted by going out to breakfast with a friend. ( of course, I already ate breakfast-but didn't tell him that). Busy day. I guess i'll have to write the FCC again, yet, and see what's holding them up. gosh, its only been like 3 months or so. I got woke up by a wet cats nose, rubbing against my face. and not just once either. I tried moving him over so he could cuddle up, but no. he was definitely into rubbing noses today.
hopefully, today will go as planed. LOL. yeah right. But you never know.
ok, I'm off
Saturday didn't start out as planed. I cracked two eggs, fried then in olive oil. made two slices of toast, buttered them and sliced them. Then when the eggs were done, I went to put the eggs on the plate. I lifted the plate with the toast on it, and the toast slid off and fell on the floor. Now, for quiz time. which side of the toast fell towards the floor? Right. both slices fell butter side down on the floor. This is how I woke up and greeted the day yesterday. Today is better. much better. now if only I could muster enough energy to clean up the back yard.....
ok, I'm off