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it's so-so Monday.

cloudy, getting colder, and rain coming later today. Like i said, so-so Monday. I did manage to trim and cut some more limbs yesterday. got just a few more to do for the season. Probably, Wednesday. The only day of the week without rain in the forecast. Fall is fast turning into early winter?
Enjoy the inside weather Monday.
I'm off

Ah, it's the other half of the weekend.

Well gosh, here we are. on a bright sunny Sunday. What a good day to go out and trim branches and rake up crud off the ground. YAY ME.  One bright spot this yesterday is "Leo the Tech Guy". He "should" be aired on Wood AM/FM at 3PM to 6PM. Notice i said should. normally, we hear the tigers or some football game. Some of us wait to hear the tech guy tell us about all the new techie stuff out there, and how to repair or use our older stuff. Good stuff.
Ok, i'm off

Here we go. sunny day after TGIF.

Warm temp, bright sunny day. THEN RAIN. You knew it was too good to be true. S.N.O.W. is right around the corner. But not today.  The cat and I slept in today. Busy night designing The HOTY site. ( Ham of the Year). also, checking out the hosting services. Wow, it seems the hosting sites have Shrunk , and by a lot! I've got time to do this, and it deserves a lot of thinking. These folks deserve the effort.
I did my fall clean up work yesterday: unscrew the garden hose, empty it of water and fight to get it down stairs. Plug in the lawn mower charger unit. It wants to be charged for 48 hours, so the battery won't freeze. Some battery.
and either today or tomorrow, i have to trim some branches. IT NEVER ENDS!!! Come on snow, cover all my unfinished yard work with snow.  wishful thinking , huh.
Ok, I'm off

Yay us, again, its "TGIF".

Now that we have the whole 2 day weekend before us, are you ready to root for your favorite football team?  Me neither. I"M into Hockey.  But also, shuffling stuff around in the old house. and it is old. But i suppose, if somebody stuck me in the ground for almost 100 years, I'd be looking old too. I'm just not used to this cold weather stuff. Even having a warm kitty cat to help keep me warm at night isn't too much of a comfort. But,  I'll Perseveres.  Elia cummings passed away yesterday. We lost a true statesman, and a giant of a man who spoke the turth when others would rather keep quiet. R.I.P.
I'm off

snow storms out west??

Yes, its offically HUMP Day. Today is pay bills, do a bunch of computer stuff and maybe, just maybe, watch "WallyKazam". Maybe i said.  Otherwise, i had a quiet night with the Ham Net, then texting two of my pals. I'll be glad when i learn how to voice to text. These small keys are hurting my fingers. I decided, instead of watching the debate last night, i'd watch " Mortal Engines". A new film by Peter Jackson and his wife. ( they produced and wrote the screenplay). Insteresting film.
So, i guess i better get with it. My writting the Great AMerican Novel will have to wait.
I'm off
Yes. it's  almost pumpkin carving time. "What face will you put on your orange guy?"  Me, nope. I priced candy at the grocery store. Some how, it jumped in price just since last year. Different bags, but the same candy. I wonder why the price increase. Yes, I wonder why!
Today is researching a trivial question for the net tonight. I get some nice ones, but......Searching should help me out.
My neighbors dog, Sophia, came to visit yesterday, or was it the day before?. Of course, she had her master transport her over here. I got oodles of licks and paws waving at me. She is always so excited to see me. And when i take care of her, we play till we're way too tired to do anything else. the Life of dogs.
ok, i'm off

well, now that was one cool night.

The cold mornings are here? Naw, my thermometer must be wrong. This is still October. I think i'll go rake up the leaves that felt last night and fall  into them and make a pretend angel. "What do you think?"  Yeah, I don't think so either. Started sorting out my music cd's. "WOW!". I forgot how many of them i have.  A lot are classical, but more is rock-N-roll.  I also have oodles of music from the 1930's.  Sophia Tucker, Tulula Bankheah(sp) and Jo Standford. ah, if i were to start listening to them now, that would take me up to Heaven's Gate!
But, it's all foot tapping good music.
Ok, i'm off
It's HAPPY Sunday. Happy, because it didn't rain like they said it might last night. YAY us. But it was cold. from 80 to 41 is a big swing! Too early for this. And look at the trees. They've had it too. They can't make up their leaves if they want to stay one color or fade... Must be fall.  I still haven't written that Obiuary for my friend. As we get older, that gets harder to do.
so, enjoy the warming weather. LOL.
I'm off

We made it. it's SATURDAY.

Its Saturday, so we can all go out and party, watch a movie, go dancing. and then head to home where we'll fall asleep in our chairs. Which is how i spent my Friday night. Big Deal. What a party animal i am.  a cheap date too. Watching Netflick is not exactly going out to a movie. Oh well. Today is a cold day. So, we should all stay inside and watch cartoons. Right?   RIGHT!  ok, do what you want to do. Me?  I have a cuddly cat who is developting a habit of jumping up on my lap and going to sleep. Me? wide wake, watching him sleep.  Animals.
I'm off

Wow, it's TGIF on a rainy Friday morning.

What a way to start the weekend. rain, dropping temperatures. and two feet of snow.....Ok, not here, but out west, about 300 miles or so. I can't believe the enviroment has changed so quickly.  Today is laundry day, due to me mowing the lawn yesterday and clenaing off Stanley, the stegasaurus. Yes, thats right. I also besides haveing a cat, have a pet stegasaurus. it's plastic, and very dusty, but i sent him on his way to become a "plastic" fossil.  I also discoered the ouchie on my foot was due to a bone pushing out. Drats arthirtis.. So now i have to discover a non- hurtful shoe to wear. these sloppy shoes i'm wearing now were not made to mow the lawn with. and what about shoveling snow??? yeah. if it aint one thing.
I'm off