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It's gorous Wednesday.

Yes!!  "ITS HUMP DAY"..  For real!  That means i can finally clean up the lawn and roll out the carts today. YAY ME.  I knew this day was going to be special. Specially whent the bulldozer worke me up 2 hours ago or so. I watched the round two of the Stanley cup: SJ came from 0 to 3 to 4 to 3. Only to have the other team tie the score. But, SJ beat them in overtime. YAY. All my other teams didn't make the final round.
Oh well, thats hockey.
So its time to celebrate "HUMP DAY".  "is there a parade?" Are the banks closed?
Look it up.
I"m off
Yup, visited my neighbors pooch, got licked and scratched with her nails. then came home with a dish of her owners home made beef stew. Yum. I've got a large list of things I really need to take care of. and of course, it was raining last night, which means the lawn is soggy. I did managed to assemble the lawnmower and pat the charger on it. I also installed the AC. ( for the cat, you know).
So today I had all these plans on getting the yard work done. I maybe will still do it.
So tonight is highway clean up and also the clubs two meter net. should be interesting: most of the people who check into the net may be out cleaning up the highway.
Ok, I'm off


Laundry day. watching the backhoe drive up and down the street every few minutes. Doing some Monday work and then, out doors stuff. Well, not a lot of outdoor stuff, my arthritis is still hanging on. YUCK. Come on, leave me alone. well, at least for a few months. ok? ( who am I talking too?)
Had a great weekend. Saw my old friend Lee. it's been awhile. He just got back from the hospital: seems that if you don't sleep and eat for a few days, your body will start to shut down. Live and learn.
I also looked at the 90 day outlook for our weather: NO SNOW!. ah.....
I watched Wolfgang Puck last night. He was selling his immersion beater, mixer. It did a lot of cool stuff. maybe I'll think about it?
ok, I'm off

He has Risen...

I remember going out to Easter Dinner with my family. Ham, sweet peas and mashed potatos.  YUM. But the real joy was sharing this day with my family.  Today, i share it with Scooter-the-Cat. He loves to snuggle up on my lap, and if he's tired, actually go to sleep. ah....animals.
Have a great Easter.

it's almost done.

ah. Mr.Arthitis has returned. and how. Boy this last stage of this illness stinks. But, it may wind down. maybe.
Today is Saturday. The day after TGIF, which i forgot to list yesterday. Islept in.  my cat alarm clock slept in too. We make a good pair. I did the laundry yesterday, so today is relax Saturday. The sun is out. Blue sky's are above. YAY us. No SNOW, ICY anything. So yeah, YAY us.
Now, enjoy it.
God BLess
I'm off
The World Waits. It's GOOD FRIDAY....
I watched my traditional film of the year."Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ", like I do every Holy Thursday. It always gets me to reflect on what I should be doing and what I've done.

The Dragons still are flying.

YAY. We made it. It actually is Thursday. Now, I'm back on track. So whats the big deal?  rain rain and cloudy days?  But, i'm on track. So today is happy grocery day. YAY. I get to go and observe the price increases in just about everything in the grocery store.  But, it's still a good place to shop. I remember IGA, KROGER, A&P,Meijer and Sy's . ah...the stuff i put away in my closet of a meemory. But, look whats taking their place now days. I almost wish they were all still hee. sigh. progress.
ok, back to the grocery list.
I'm off

The Dragons are soaring...

Ok ok. So my calling Tuesday HUMP Day was more wishful thinking than actual the right day of the week. After shoveling snow on Sunday, I'd do just about anything to get through this week. NO MORE SNOW.....NO MORE 10 degrees ( at least till November). So yes, I did try and change the day. It didn't work, did it. SO here we are, the RIGHT HUMP DAY itself. and its raining out?? ah...
Today is lets clean up "EVERYTHING". and you know how far that is going to go. But, just tossing junk out is a start.
ok, I'm off
It's Hump; day. YAY. that means we can..............   Ok, so i don't know what Hump Day signifies, but they have Commercials running it all the time, and the TV wouldn't lie....would they??
Today started off with a flood of e-mails from Amazon: their local shippers ran into a problem, and couldn't make delivery yesterday. And, Amazon sent me a note telling me about it. Then today, i got a note saying it would be delivered TODAY. Thats almost less than 18 hours since the misshap.
I'm saddened about the horrific fire in Paris. And this is Holy week too. It will draw people together.
I also received a telephone call from Mr.Eddy, W8NZW. you know, the guy who turned 100 in January. Fixed him right up with his Preist Nephew Father Don. Boy, everything was going great.
so back to work.
I'm off

It's Happy Dance time! Tiger Woods is back!

What a joy seeing Tiger Wood's win the Masters. It made my day. Gives me hope that anything is possible, if you just try and believe......
So today is BLUE MONDAY: Laundry day and shovel the snow. Yes, you heard right. I've just shoveled the porch's steps. What a spring I thought Rachel Carlson's Silent Spring had a different meaning, but I'm beginning to see how it can also translate into this changing weather pattern. YUCK.
But I'm all smiles today. and I got advice from Joyce: don't leave the bathroom floor bare wood. As if I would. This is going to be an interesting spring-summer. stay tuned.
I'm off ( and smiling- go Tiger)