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a cold, almost snowy, Sunday.

A very good day to spend inside and read the comics. and put your legs up and relax. Tomorrow you'll have to brave the COLD and possible S.N.O.W. YAY us.  We've earned this. its all ours.
There, now that i got that off my chest. It way too early to be this cold. we had blue sky yesterday morning, followed by thunder, dark clouds that blocked out everything, and then, rain mixed with snow and falling temperatures.
But today, is comic Sunday. the day i reserve for watching and reading comics.  I'll soon put this blog down and watch Regal Academy. Or, Wallykazam or maybe even Peter Rabbit, the tv series. ah......life is good.
So today i have a mixed bag of little stuff to do. and i'll pick up on that stuff shortly. YAY me.
I'm almost a legend in my own mind. Almost.
so, enjoy, stay warm.
I'm off
What a treat. My neighbor took me out for dinner.  We had a Delicious meal of "FAT BOY" Burgers. Yum. and talk about a quiet meal: we were the only ones in the place. Talk about special service!  It didn't matter that it started raining while walking to her car. Great way to start the weekend.
Now as for today......they actually have S.N.O.W. in the forecast for later today. ok. Kind of early, but snow is snow.
This is the kind of Saturday made for watching football. But I'd rather watch "WallyKasam" or "peter Rabbit". The tv series, not the movie. But 2AM?  what were they thinking.
ok, time to get with it.
I'm off
Here we are. TGIF and that means, football all weekend long. or, try to run between rain / snow drops and clean up the yard. or, more importantly, just relax, and enjoy the weekend.  This would be a good time to go and look at all the 1200 pieces of art from Artprize, except most of it is gone.   and its a tad too cold to be walking around downtown anyway. I'd need a map to Identifie all the buildings that have gone up since the last time i went downtown: 1990 or so. I know, there's no excuse for not going downltown, except everything i needed was right up the avenue from where i live: a whopping 3 blocks away.   So whatever you do, have fun but be safe.
I'm off
"Jingle bells......"  Just tuning up my vocals.  It's coming sooner than you think.   Ok, time to answer the unasked question: " why don't i comment on the polical scene". Simple, if your reading any kind of blog, or facebook, your old enough to make up your own mind what is important to you and have a darn good idea of what is wrong and hopefully, what it will take to set things straight. There, so much for that.
"What i value the most?"  Why the education i got everywhere!.  Specailly Grand Valley State Colleges. Yeah, you heard right, before it became a big shot university, it was a college. Actually 4 or 5 of them. i would not trade that educational experience  there for anything!
Enought about this soap box.
Back to the world. With Sears and Roebuck going out, where can we find Kenmore appliances?  They made some of the best stuff, before they turned it into junk.
and Yes, WLS Chicago did stand for "Worlds Largest Store".  But then, WGN stood for "Worlds greatest Newspaper".   I wonder what history lessons this gneration is picking up on with the stores we have now days?
Good thing to ponder on a day before "TGIF".  Tonight, is grocery night. YAY me.
ok, I'm off
Fall is definetly here. we're supposed to get the first hard freeze this coming Thursday through Friday morning.  I think i said that right.
Today is going to be roll out the carts day. Yay me. I get to get cold twice today and maybe coil and drain the garden hose. Yay me again.  If it aint one thing.
The cat helped keep me snug as a bug last night and he doesn't know it yet, but throughout the day today! It's one of those early winter-late fall days. The leafs look beautiful, till they drop and you have to rake them up. or you should rake them up. snow and ice on leaves is dangerous. Like mother natures own sledge.
ok, time to pet the cat.
I'm off

Today is make up day. clean the kitty litter box, change burned out light bulb to a fresh one. and of course, hold and cuddle, pet the cat. He's nice and warm and purrs. Good kitty.
I seem to have had several light bulbs go out. I guess its about time to change fixtures.
I also heard about Sears and Roebuck filing for bankrupcy. Wow, who would have thought, a giant store like that would go under. But we've lost so many great stores in recent years: Media play, Toys-R-Us, K-Mart, blockbuster and a host of restrurants you've never heard of.  Time marches on, and some times, we can't keep step, it seems.
Sad thing to think about on this sunny Tuesday.
I'm off

Yup. we're going to bottom out at around 30 degrees Friday or Saturday morning. YAY us. You know what that means??  S.N.O.W.  YAY.   ah...icy sidewalks, slippery roads, snow all over the place. We deserve this.
So, this is great cuddling a cat or dog weather.
Now for me, I have a lot to do, but just get sidetracked with being "Retired". I'm still not sure what that means. I still do as much or more work as i did before. only a lot slower,. ( or maybe I'm tired from petting the cat so much?)
So Blue Monday is upon us, but this time, i fooled her: I did the laundry on Saturday. Good thing too. I've got company and a delivery coming today.
Ok, I'm off

"In memory.....Sayajim"

Every year i re-post the obituary of a Dragonball Z friend  i met at user net. He was a high school student who loved band and computers.
So for anther year...

"James "Jim" Allen Stanfield died on October 2, 2002"

from ancientone.
Wow, late summer Tuesday, 85 degrees, early fall Saturday, 34 degrees. Yes sir, we're in Michigan.
Microsoft is into fall too. I got 5 updates last night and just 10 mintues ago.  But its sunny Sunday. a bright, cool day to 1. watch foot ball. 2 rake up the leaves and 3. forget the first two and just be lazy.
I watched " The Shape of water" last night. surprizing film. But i liked it. next up, avengers infinity war.
it's going to be a nice day. enjoy.
I'm off
That was a cold, and dare i say it, soggy Friday night! Soggy, Yes, i think i spotted a wet street at around 11PM.
But i got my voting done for the general election. Wow, thats one long ballot! But it was worth it.
So today is Happy Saturday. The sun is out. the cat is watching for......anything.  I still haven't come up with a design for the web site. I have to include a sub-section for the Ham of the year. If it aint one thing.  But i'll manage. if only Microsoft would quit changing there operating system, i could keep using my really cool software. But, that wish won't happen.
But have fun today. No raking allowed.
I'm off