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Here we are. It's TGIF. We made it!

aha. IT's TGIF. We made it. a tad bruised, but we're here anyway. Finally, the "cat" let us sleep in beyond 5AM. YAY THE CAT.
Today is grocery day and change the cats "things".  There's not much of a celebration mood this weekend with the passing of Aretha Franklin.
Me, I'm just going to listen to my music.
I'm off

A sad day. Aretha Franklin, dies at 76

I actually believe we have some of her albums. She was that good!   A sad day.

Here we are, greeting "HAPPY WEDNESDAY", or as they say now days, Hump day. I'm adjusting just nicely to not being able to use my kitchen sink. The plumber is booked full for a while, so I'm just waiting my time till he makes the service call. I also have the tree guy coming some time this year. If it aint one thing.
I'm trying to decide if now is the right time to re-do my computer, or wait. I think NOW is the time. There is so much junk on this machine, i'm surprized it can even start! I used to reinstall everything, atlease three times a year. Now, its been over 2 years or so.
Otherwise, things are good over here. i mowed the lawn, the cat is calling me to cuddle and pet him. What a world.
ok, I'm off

Well, lining up my non-classes for this school year. I thought it would be nice to take cinematography 101 and then maybe,speaking conversational English!  Yup. I could use a refresher. Things change and so does the lingo. Now days, we're supposed to start sentences with the word, "So". I have no idea where that came from. Sounds very strange to me.
I think Mr.Computer is suffering from old age and arthritis of the ports. I think it caught it from the coffee maker. it's acting up too. What a day.
ok, time to pet the animal.
I'm off
YAY. School starts in 4 days. or so. But I had other things to do, like cuddle the cat, answer the ro-bo calls from " everybody", and just wait for the UPS dude to drive up. Hopefully. Already called the pumber and he will be here when he can. Must be busy. Thats good. considering how many empty building we now have on Plainfield ave. or bars.
oh well, at lease we now have a head shop in the neighborhood. YAY. Finally. something that makes sense.
Well, time to get with it. The cat is waiting....
I'm off and petting.
I do miss returning to school in the fall. Both college and elementary school. They were both special. You'd meet your friends who you haven't seen since last spring, and catch up with what they're doing. The one thing you'd notice they've been doing is, growing!   Taller, more Muscular. and in the case of girls/ women, more beautiful, if that is possible. I happen to think all females are beautiful. period!
College is a different matter. returning to class in college usually was meant with different clothing and the usual blue jeans. Which was then, and is now, cool.  But that was then. Now, I'm an adult so, mow the lawn, clean the house, take out the trash, and make time to cuddle the cat!  Be sure to make time to cuddle the cat!
 But being an adult, as you get older, your friends leave......But, it's a good life.
Ok, i'm off
I did it. mowed the lawn and swept up the sidewalk and driveway. I'm a good boy.  I also tried to upgrade myself to level 20 in SkyRim. HA HA HA HA. Maybe next month?
Had some real sad news today. An old friend, Mike Bottema, ham call K8EX, passed away on June 12th. Gosh, i just saw him a year or so ago. I know i'm getting older now. Wow, is this what is meant by " Golden Years?".
I hope not.
Today is goof off Saturday. Just watch the neigborhood and hold the cat. That should be enough.
oh, and do the laundry. yuck.  How come clothes keep getting dirty??  its a mystery.
ok, I'm off
ah, a good weekend is upon us. TGIF.  Today is clean up day and mow the lawn and just do a lot of chores. yuck.
But, it feel so good when your done. ( its just doing thats stinks)
We're having a celebration of sorts over here, about going to different Restaurants and try out their foods. over 75 restaurants are partiscipating this week. I just wish we had more restaurants in the North End. we have fast food places, but, thats not like a good sit down dinner.  
So for the weekend, i'm not up to a lot, but hey, its TGIF and that starts off our weekend.
YAY us.  Go have fun.
I'm off
So got the ps-4 back  and only had to spend 3 hours trying to get the user name and password to be accepted. Finally, it works. YAY. Now today, make out a small grocery list and continuel with my downsizing. Downsizing me, of course. For the past years or so, i've been on a behavioral change of losing oodles of weight and get down to where i feel better. And I'm almost there. Almost. I've got rid of my nasty habits, or so i thought, but have to work on those and replace them with good habits.
But not all in one day. first off, roll up the carts, mow the lawn and make out a grocery list. YAY ME.
ok, I'm off
CUrt Benson, is now an elected judge! YAY. Just where he belongs: on the bench.
And, we finally had a nice raining last night. and sony has finished repairing my ps-4, i hope. It would be so nice if it had the same hard drive, but won't know till it gets here. But so far, its turning out to be a great day. I've got to roll out the carts, maybe, just maybe, mow the lawn. Maybe.
So have a nice day and be safe.
I'm off