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TGIS- but it's a soggy, grey Saturday.

and we're going to have rain, sleet and reindeers flying over head.  Well, thats what it feels like. Had a preasent surprize yesterday: my old swimming buddie and his daughter stopped by, with my dinner! A brorito from Taco Boy. YAY. I always like to take my time when I eat, specailly when its from Taco Boy. That saved me from cooking dinner. again, YAY me.
ah, life is good.
so today is kind of miss my favorite cartoon show, "Royal Academy" but I won't miss "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes" when it airs at 9AM tomorrow.  That basically is what i watch on TV now days. I gave up watching the news. hurts too much.
So, i should get going. Nothing is calling me.
I'm off
It's TGIF and another cold day. but this time, the cat let me ( us) sleep in. and now, I have to make up for the lost timd: do the laundry, feed the outdoor critters and think about changing the vacuum cleaner belt and bag. Yuck.
I also discovered that one who is successfully reduced weight by losing weight shouldn't buy an EXTRA- Large pizza. there's no place to put it!  So tonight, all hot, and small portions of stuff. you know, a bag of M & M's , only three bite size milky way candy bars and one can of vanilla coke.  Life is tought!.
did i mention I have to get a smaller size pants now. there goes the budget for sure.
oh well. it's what i wanted and it was my choice. right?
ok, enjoy the TGIF and have fun this weekend.
I'm off
It's cold and snowy Thursday. I was sung awake by Scooter the cat.  This was the kind of morning when its nice to pull the sheets over your head and dream of lollipops and ginger bread men.
Watched the Blackhawks win in OT. YAY. Tonight is NY's islanders. YAY. Detroit lost. oh well.
So i have to brave the cold weather and snowy sidewalks and bring the carts in. three of them: two for me and one for my neighbor.
otherwise, its just a nice cold snowy day before the "BIG WEEKEND". whatever that means.  Hopefully, I'll get lucky and have the cat let me sleep in. ah........
ok, I'm off
So here we are, cold, almost snowy Wednesday. Of course it couldn't be nice like yesterday, so i could get a hair cut and roll out the carts. NO, of course not. It had to be on the downward slde of winter, with cold, snow and maybe sleet. Yay, somebody.
I'm still not watching network news. I just do not want to be upset by watching the idiots' choice for president, think they're seeing a new goverment be created. I wonder how much booze you'd have to have to think like that?
so, I'm watching hockey, some HBO, while i get it in a package deal and TCM. Thank you Ted Turner. Of course, Bloomburg news is kind of nice to see how the stock market is doing. Not that i understand all that stuff, but they do have a nice technical report that i find interesting.
time to go and roll out the old carts. ugh.
I'm off ( my rocker!)

soggy Tuesday. yuck

This is supposed to be winter, not late gloomy spring. so it goes. But me and the cat slept in a whopping 45 minutes later. Yay us. Still feel tired.
Had the cities electrical inspecter over yesterday: he was confident of the work that was done. Yay me. Thats two inspectors out of the way.  Now on to the list of other things that needs to be mended.
and the list goes on and on and on..
I had to have my Crucifix fixed: the chain broke off the link again. My fault for catching it in the shopping cart when we went shopping Friday.  This will be the third time and the first time a professional will fix it.
oh well, time to plan on tonights net and write up the club's minutes.
I'm off
Had a present surprize when my pal stopped by. He spent all day with his new, 3 week old grand daughter. how tiny she is.  We spent the evening reading about "Solid State Drives".  My Canadian pals, at Alchemy Mindwork shop, just installed a whole bunch of SSD's. They wrote up their experience in doing so. Very informative!
Maybe, when, not if, I decide on building my next computer, I'll switch over to SSD's.
I only watched a very few minutes of superbowl Sunday. Looks like it was a great game.
Today is electrical inspector day: they want to inspect the work the electricians did putting in the new circuits for the new furnace.
So i had better get going. and whats with this cold night last night?????
Ok, I'm off
life cycle together. I could write a book about my samoyed's. what a great, loving breed of dog. I must have liked them, i took in a total of 5 or 6 of them. mostly old Samoyeds, that "people" had gotten tired of. ( the things i could say about them!!!). but we had fun and it was great to give back to the breed. They deserve it. I may do it again. There's something so special about walking a dog through slush and snow and ice, while the idiot dog pulls you this way and then that way. I'm a firm believer that your walking the dog, and leting him sight see. it's a fun experience. Than you God for creating them.
(Did I mention ,  they herd reindeer?  they do. Santa's real helpers)
So here i am, on a much warmer Sunday: its 20 degrees today, better than 6 degrees yesterday. I've got little stuff to do today: laundry, fix a broken chain on my Cross and read the enormous 10 pint size pages of the Sunday paper.  I like printer media. TV is ok, if you like talking heads all the time. I like to rest, and take my time and really get into what has happened. I can't do that with TV, unless it's TCM. that i can watch.
Well, it's time for me to get on the move. The cat woke me up to tell me its my time to feed him. arent cats wonderful.
Ok, I'm off
It was taken over by fifth third bank corp. and now its gone. that was a land mark in our neighborhood. people bought houses, took out loans to buy "things" and even buy postal stamps. it was that kind of bank. Then along came fifth third bank. bye bye. it took about 20 years or so, but its an empty shell now. oh well.
so today, i woke up to 6 degree weather. yikes! now thats cold! But it will get warmer, just in time for freezing rain, and then a snow storm. Yay us.
so today is quiet Saturday. a nice January day, in February.  well, thats how it feels.
Had a nice meeting last night at the Ham Radio club. a guy came in and presented the history of Amateur Radio. for 90 minutes!  we then went out to Denny's and had a nice meal with people who actually remembered me. now bad, after i haven't seen them in 3 years!
so today is lay back Saturday.
ok, I'm off
It's a cold day and we're supposed to get freezing rain sometime next week. But never fear, spring and then followed by summer, will be here by September 23th.  I swear.
 Today is a busy day for me. first off, shovel, or try to, the driveway so my driver can make it up the driveway. Go to the bank and order stuff. then grocery shopping. YAY ME. followed by the monthly club meeting tonight.  I'm the secretary, translation, "BIG SHOT".  its true, I'm a legend in my own mind!
maybe i'll offer branded shirts, hats and buttons with my photo on it. "Thats the ticket!".  There, got that sillyness out of my system. Now days, i need to create all the distractions i can. I still think I'm dreaming and ate something funny last night, like liver soup, or lettuce favored ice cream!
It's TGIF. Now all of you, go out and have fun. Be safe, but giggles  going~
I'm off

it's Ground hog day.

so keep your shovels ready. yup. 6 more MONTHS of snow and icy roads. ponder that for a second.
it's 10:27AM and the temp is 18 degrees. Yay us. we can all take off work and go sleighing. YAY. or ice skating. or, if your a grumpy adult, shovel snow off your driveway. Guess which one I am.
It's going to be a busy two days. shoveling today, grocerying tomorrow, club meeting tomorrow night and then, I can rest up over the weekend.  of course, holding the cat and doing the laundry doesn't even get noticed: it just happens.
well, time to get with it.
I'm off